LUA coder needed


I need a coder for my new server which is a Garry’s mod darkRP server.

I need help with quite a bit of work for the server.
I am willing to pay via paypal.

please PM me or email me via:

Please try to look before you post.

i can be your coder if you want add me on steam xPEACHYxBANANASx my name should appear as MMS@xPEACHYxBANANASx

Yeah, I wouldn’t even give this guy the time of day. Just… look at his posts.

what do you meanlook at is post

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my post

Not only that, but he charges 10 dollars to make DarkRP jobs

the first one was because i was busy and i didint had time for my server so i wanted someone to do it and my last one is cause im just wondering if its fixeble

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not darkrp jobs i said and i could do more just for 10$ man like the custom shippments custom printers custom lock pick/ master lockpick/master keypad cracker all that stuff man

I’m talking about the threads you posted about needing a lua coder etc. Also the one you just posted recently asking for help in fixing a drug mod. I hope you know that jobs in DarkRP are not lua.

That’s the same thing as custom jobs… anyways. That’s all I have to say about this.

10 dollars for 1 line of code ? I spat out my drink in laughter

shut up that was just example so shut up man you guys are anoying as F**k

LMFAO, and just the other day he was trying to find a coder to hire.

And I don’t think he is going to accomplish much if he cant even fix a drug mod:

Got any code to show Bitchy Banana? So we know how pro you are.

yeah i will show code and even make them work in the server i was looking for a coder cause i didint had time for mine at the time but i decide to shut it down and help people instead alright and im dont know how to reset the walk and run speed automaticly on drug mod no i dont ok but i am figuring it out man

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And if you are so good and so smart why dont you fix it???

He’s not the one claiming to be a coder.

Ya like totally man, i was like stokes by those killer waves man.
and I don’t wanna waste 10 seconds to fix it. Cant u just see all the flying fucks im not giving?

Get a life.

Need some help? Hit me up on steam, I’ll see if I have a bit of spare time for you.

guys, guys, guys. Stop I have had a big problem… my RP is being turned into a JailBreak so if you are any good at coding this end please leave a message.