Lua Coder Needed

im not sure if this is the right section to post this but… im looking for a lua coder for my Dark Rp server… i have some errors and things that need fixing and added.


  • Can change Jobs but nothing else works
    -Can’t Buy Weapons, Money Printers, Doors, Ect…

Needs Adding

  • More Jobs

Ill update this as i find more things that don’t work.

Thank you for the help, i tryed looking though the files and doing it my self, but i know nothing about lua
coding , and i didn’t want to mess it up more. any way i really need help hope some one can ! Thax again.

I might be able to help. Just add me through Steam. “Winnmp” is my Steam Friends Name.

I’ll do it. Steam me at “Gishatako” it will change to {SZ} Master of Puppets

You said that atleast twice now.


Oh wait. like 10 times, Are you taking all requests in this section?

I’ll do it, $5 :slight_smile:

h3lpless_aplaca…if you still need the help im here…and no aplaca isnt a typo