Lua Coder Requested/Good Pay.

Me and my group are investing into a server, and want to hire a person who can code us our needs.

This job isn’t for amateurs.

The pay will be $450 up-front and with the finished product, you will receive the final pay of another $450 . In total at the end you will have $900.

Please add:

if you are applying for the job.

Best regards, Andrew E.

For those going “OOO, Money”

He wants to code a “PERP” from scratch but better.

You havn’t posted what you want coded, and if we are to trust the poster above, you aren’t going to get many good replies. In any case, I have added you to speak about it.

The information I have is something revealed in a conversation. I will post here as soon as I find and hire my coder.

Contact me: My steam name is: