Lua Coder Required for Custom PERP

We am currently running a Pulsar Effect server and we need lua coders. You have to be able to work with PERP3. We are planning to add cocaine, extra vehicles, extra jobs (possibly), and a lot of other features. You have to know what you are doing. We do not have specific requirements, but we don’t want people screwing up our code.
If you code for us, you will be guaranteed admin, highest VIP, and our utmost respect. Contact the owner on Steam or Skype if you are interested. We hope to have your help!

Skype: Chris (Pon-3)

We have coded in cocaine and heroine, but we still need help with extra vehicles, VIP levels, and extra jobs.

I am still looking for coders.

Sorry to tell you this ,but no one will work for admin.

i suppose i can do this.

how’s 350?


Not looking for a paid job that you are referring to. I am looking for people to add to our development team and server.

You probably aren’t going to find one here then.

Good to know lol. Any suggestions on where to find people?

steam friends list

…now offering pay for lua coders. It can be discussed privately on Steam.