LUA Coder Required For RP Server *PAID WORK*

I am in requirement of a LUA coder for my RP server to implement some things for me.
The things I would like implenting are as follows:

  • More jobs
  • VIP, VIP+ and Mega VIP ranks with access to more jobs and higher paycheck E.T.C
  • More shipments (Using Customisable Weaponry)
  • Custom Money Printers
  • FastDL Autorun scripts
  • And maybe if possible a nuclear survival event using the NukePack 4?
    • More

I am willing to pay around £10 or $15 for this work.

My Steam Name is [TDRC] Mel

Please contact me if you are interested, thanks!

Sorry but if you’re owning an RP server for a community, are you sure you’re the right person to lead it? If you’re too lazy to even to mod the gamemode for it, it just seems like you don’t care and just want your own server out there so you can have a higher rank than on other servers. I mean, you’re just writing “I am lazy” at like 50% of all the stuff that needs to be coded and it seems like it’s a bad idea to have a lazy owner. Are you sure you’re capable of running a server properly and maintaining it? Stuff breaks from time to time and needs to get fixed, you can’t always rely on someone else scripting stuff for you, even if you give them money.

When I say I’m too lazy, I mean I am not very good at it,
I’d prefer someone more experienced coding it.
I do maintain my server and fix it when there is a problem I don’t just do nothing.
The only thing I need help with is the LUA as I am not experienced with LUA.

Then I’d personally think it was a good idea to write that you’re not experienced enough in lua than trying to use “being lazy” as an excuse.

I just removed the lazy part completely. Lol.

Also this belongs here

I’m not gonna’ get banned for that am I?

^^ Actually, you can anyway… I might help. Adding you on Steam as we speak.

I sent you a friend request.

Yup, Im doing it for him so, thread end <3

I love happy endings.

Yes, everyone say im a ‘winner’ or else MaikkiBoi will lick you <3