Lua coder wanted


i need a good lua coder, for the Gmod 10 (DarkRP) server im hosting

I need one who is able to do some of the things listed below
[li]Create classes (custom jobs)
[/li][li]setup maps
[/li][li]upload new Weapons
[/li][li]Upload Models
[/li][li]Block props and other functions for groups
[/li][li]fix/recreate the health/hunger/money bar[/ul]
and several other things.

for more info (and the price you get) for helping me out
private msg me.


Post the price

Well, it can be discussed - if i can get what i need, it would probably go from around 60-100 USD
depends what currency you got

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its cool now, found one who wants to help - mods can close :stuck_out_tongue: