Lua Coder

Afternoon everyone, today I’m currently looking for someone who’s got experience editing coding for DarkRP.

—Things I’m looking to be done—

  • Car System, meaning whenever someone purchases a vehicle from a NPC and they rejoin they’ll be able to get the vehicle they purchased from a NPC inside a garage.
  • Permanent Weapons that are able to be purchased from a NPC.
  • Money printer coolers meaning, the money printer will overheat and explode if you don’t have a money printer cooler after a certain amount of time.
  • All props have health, meaning if you shoot them after you’ve inflicted a certain amount of damage to a prop it explodes.

And if I think of more, I’ll message you and tell you
Btw: you must be a active and online often

Add me on steam: marcell54


Did you make a bot for that?

I am testing a mention script for the ticker.

Notch… is it really you? :DDDD Whatcha doin on facepunch?

Rofl @ no post related to op yet… ill start :smiley:

I’ll do it :D, car system seems a bit… i dunno lol

It’s a bot kiddo.

If I was being the coder for you I would go ahead and rename it darkDM.
Especially because of the permanent guns