Lua coding beginner: Steam assistance request!

Hello everybody.
I am new to Lua, and I’d like someone who could help me with buggy stuff.
Since I almost always get errors, rendering my script useless, and even sometimes game glitching, It really discourages me to go on, since I have no solution.
Can anybody that is good enough at Lua coding to come and add me as a steam friend so he can help me at a request?
Please be polite in this topic, and don’t go “LOLO NUB GO YOUTUBE” or “Give up Lua, dumbass”.

Thank you.

The best thing you could do is to really just figure it out yourself.
If you have someone telling you what you did wrong, sure that is good but you won’t understand it fully unless you seek out resources on your own and figure it out yourself.

And if it says there is an error, look at the line it’s telling you where the problem is and try to fix it.

This is something you have to learn, which everybody has gone through, to be able to track the errors and see why it causes. Having someone spoonfeed your fixes doesn’t really teach you, and you will end up still being spoonfed.

Thank you for encouragements! They really help :smiley:
But anyway, I still would like some LU4 PR0 in my Friends List so I can ask him about what this particular function does, how to use it correctly, all that minor stuff.

I’m far from a pro, but I’ve traversed the depths of the code and wandered the plains of notepad++. Glad to help with anything I can.

Might I ask you to add me? :3

You didn’t even post your steam account name.

You do know there is complete documentation found here

It has everything you just asked for.

Syntax, examples, description, and what to put in it. Hope this helps.

I would also like to agree with just about everything that has been said already. The best way to learn with Lua here for garrysmod, is to try, fail, see what works, see what doesn’t work, look at other peoples codes to see some tricks and methodology, as well as to see a sort of template for something you may be doing similarly in your designs.

Most people here on the facepunch community are complete assholes, that’s just the way all of us are. Don’t expect too much help later on down the line if you do not make clear threads, demonstrating that you atleast TRIED to solve the issue on your own. If you do this, usually people like “Wizard Of Ass” will be kind enough to help you out or alteast point you in the right direction.

Welcome to Facepunch.

Also, you can use this link aswell to search functions and such: