Lua Coding Q's :)

Hello guys, I’m new to Facepunch. Also I’m pretty new to Lua coding in general.
I just have a couple questions.

  1. How do I make it so I have a spectator team, and that team is, well, spectators?

  2. How do I put a map/maps into my code so that it can be on that map for a certain period of time and then switch?

  3. How do I make it so that one team is almost invisible but the other team not invisible?

  4. How do I make a scoreboard like I see in TTT or other servers?

Thanks! :smiley:




Anything else can pretty much be found here.

I get the timer thing, but where would I place it exactly? In the init, shared or cl_init part of my code? :L

timer.Simple, timer.Create, or any of those always go in int.lua. Bad idea to put in shared.lua or any others. Only things serverside.

timer.Simple and timer.Create shouldn’t only be used on the server. Changing the map can only be done from the server.

Anything on the old wiki (the one linked 2 posts above) could be potentially horribly outdated and could end up in spewing various errors into your console.