Lua Compression problem

Ever since the update for GMOD came out I’ve been having problems with the server compressing the lua files. Here is a screenshot:

And a screenshot of the result in the cache folder:

let me guess one thing first… You are running more then one server??

It seems the more servers that are running the lower chance (dont know why) of the Lua Datapack being compressed. Just keep restarting srcds until it does compress

No, this is just a test server we have on a separate VPS.

just keep running srcds until it compress’s

I’ve restarted it 20-30 times. Still no luck. We really can’t afford to have this problem on the live server either; considering on average there are 15-32 players in the server.

I have also noticed that this problem only occurs when I have sourcemod installed.

well, Problem Fixed. Remove Sourcemod

:confused: We need SM for some of it’s security plugins.

and what exactly is wrong with serversecure2?

I never heard of serversecure2. Can you maybe provide a link?