Lua Console Flood

I loaded up a singleplayer game at koth_nucleus and I started getting lots of lua console messages. I recieve this message repeatedly:

[gamemodes\base\gamemode\animations.lua:26] attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'm_flJumpStartTime' (a nil value)(Hook: CalcMainActivity)

This only occurs in this saved game. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but it also shows up in the gameplay screen like this:

How do I fix this? Or at least prevent it from showing up on the screen?

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Nevermind, fixed. I used the command


and voila.

gm_clearfonts doesn’t fix your problem.

Yeah it didn’t make sense but I was just happy because it was fixed. Now the problem’s back again. Appearently it’s about the addons I have, I’ll remove them and see if it happens again.