Lua Cylinders?

Ok, so I know it’s possible to make a perfectly round sphere object with Lua like the bouncy balls, but can you make a perfectly round physical cylinder too?
The idea is that a buddy of mine made wheels that use a ball shaped physics model. They have WAY more grip than regular 3D model wheels, but still it would be an improvement if these wheels were more cylindrical because balls do act strange sometimes. The guy who made them doesn’t have time for such things and is barely around, so maybe someone could tell me a way to modify this or if it’s even possible.

You don’t make models with lua. The bouncy ball just uses a colored/textured version of the HL2 Helicopter Bomb. I’m sure you can make cylinders, you would just have to make the model (no lua involved).

You can only make lua spheres and boxes. With PhysicsInitSphere() and PhysicsInitBox()

Actually the bouncy ball uses lua physics, not the ones supplied by the model.

If there’s a way to do the same thing with a cylinder then it’s undocumented

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Oh, if you meant changing the physics then yes you can do that with lua, but the actual cylinder has to be a model.

So what kind of physics would you want for a cylinder?