LUA Developer looking to be hired!

Hello, I’ve recently dropped out of Minecraft and my most recent GMOD development unit. Im now for hire and I have provided details below. Please read through this and contact me if you want to hire me.

I aint stopping till I got my self a job in a server community [And don’t post here if your just gonna be like I want screenshots or such; Not gonna happen ,only if Im hired Age:17 Mic:Yes Skype: sgtbloodelf17890
Nick:Blood Experience; 4 years currently in LUA Development and 2 years in coding. Im a experienced yet no a master developer yet. I can provide work Via contact Pay:None Want more details or such, contact me! Servers:Would like to work for Serious RPs and such. I am posting this here instead of steam; as well this is more of likely a better place to find a spot to work for in GMOD server lines.

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And yes I know; steams a better option for recruitment, but the salt is ewh.

Well that worked out for now.