LUA Dogfighting game mode

Hello, I’m part of a mod team that’s been alive for 2 years now and is on the brink of collapse. I’ve personally been on the team for about a year and invested literally upwards if 100 hours modeling various objects for the mod. The problem is, we were going to make this mod a regular Half Life 2 mod done in C++ or whatever, but we have never been able to get our hands on a competent coder who is willing to do that, and two days ago the mod team leader said he’s done and wants to close the mod. I convinced him to let me try to get it done Garry’s Mod with LUA, so here I am, asking for help from you.

The basic premise of the mod is from an anime called Eureka 7 (bear with me) where mechs fly around in the air on boards that surf around on special particles that make them seem like mid-air surf boards. This image should explain that idea pretty well:

Terminus Type R606 LFO.

We’ve had a pretty big following on ModDB, even rising to the #1 most popular mod spot on ModDB after some of our updates, but that was really because of our lofty goals. We had intended to have a lobby area and mech customization and all sorts of crazy things including a worldwide rank and whatnot, but that probably isn’t doable in LUA, so I am willing to drop my expectations to a very simple dogfighting game mode.

Some examples of the models I have created for this so far:

Nirvash TypeZero LFO (sorry for the pose)

Monsoono Type20 Military KLF

Terminus Type R606 again

Nirvash again showing how flight is expected to look

Gekko SL-1200 Mk-II (doesn’t really have a place in the mod now but it’s there)

Scudbike WIP

Mag604 shoulder mounten gun

Blue-TAC1 energy cannon (a laser)

Moller hand-held shotgun

As you can see we have a ton of models done, but what about maps. G3njo has been hard at work on making maps too, and I think we have two but I haven’t seen any of it myself. Here’s some screens from our most polished map though:


Ignore the mech in this picture.

So yeah.

A ton of effort has been put into making some great models and environments to fly in, but it’s about to all have been put to waste. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

What we are asking for:

  1. Flight system. This doesn’t have to be fancy, but the fancier the better. It can be straight trajectory based flight for all I care, simply accelerating in the direction the mouse is pointing when pushing “W”, or even better would be a system with banking and turning like on a wave. We of course already have the animations for these.

  2. A system for picking which mech you fly in. I’m not sure if this can be done with a buy menu or what? We want mechs with different Speed, Armor and Weapon values.

I feel like I’m forgetting something but that is the basing premise. I think this has the ability to become a really big and popular thing so I’d love any help that could be given.

For more info, see our ModDB:

Contact me via PM or e-mail at

Thanks in advance.

Those models are very detailed.

=o omg fucking nice!!

Very nice work, must of taken some time to model those. im not a huge fan of sci fi robotics, but i can see this gamemode being a really big success.

I forgot to mention we have a wicked soundtrack from a talented sound guy:

i think there’s a gamemode called “plane crazy” which might help you with the flying if you can get the code out.

from what i’ve heard it’s terrible

it is, the aiming systems crap, and the planes are too small. still, its a good base for the flight system, provided you can modify it a bit.

I fully support anyone attempting to bring mecha into gmod.

I really hope someone picks this up.

So you want a lua coder or a c++ coder?

we would love a C++ coder but they would have to understand it’s going to be a length project and it requires a LOT of skill ( i guess, i dunno ) and they would need to be familiar with modding in Source. I think doing it in LUA would be a little bit easier, but we couldn’t do all the features we want, but it’s better then giving up and trashing all the work we did.

Well i do know C++, but I haven’t worked with source I have always wanted to though, and im starting to learn alot of lua an about to release a addon as soon as I make the video for it, that I hope will be pretty big.

edit* also I was on a emulator team for about 3 years, and was the head and also the only programmer for it.

As one of the fellow modelers/animators in the Lift mod team, it really would be nice if we could just get a basic game out of all the freaking work we did. Animations are indeed mostly done.

One thing I would like to point out if you’re curious

I came up with that idea. It’s just the hoverboard addon (with a custom board and trail), and thrusters added to the back. Frankly, it provides quite a similar experience that I think we should have. I’m imagining a good majority of the code could be pulled from the hoverboard, though make it so that you can shoot weapons from it, and actually be able to fly around (not just be confined to 5 feet off the ground). Add a bit of ‘choose your model and weapons’ code, and I think it’d be done, which frankly, with the small amount of coding experience I have (in c# mind you), doesn’t seem to be too complicated for a game mode.

I’ve talked with shar about the basic ideas for this.

Sxie idea man, i dig

If I had time and I knew how to code or whatever, I’d help out… :frowning:

i fucks wit it

Vehicle based gamemodes is kinda ‘what I do’ so I could probably help :slight_smile:

Could you make these into player models and put them up for Download ? ;D

Nice idea!