LUA Emulators

Is it possible to write or port a LUA emulator for nes, snes, genesis, arcade etc?


Each emu could possibly be linked to a wire-type display screen (or simply be the screen itself), and load roms from the script’s directory. The emu should support at least 2 players, and linked pod controllers could assign keystrokes to them, so players could take turns.

The screens themselves could be locked to the native resolution of the system being emulates, and perhaps 2 sound emitters (on the sides) delivering stereo sound. Possible wired volume control perhaps?

Also, admins could lock certain games to certain machines.

I would imagine that such a screen could be welded to an arcade cabinet prop, and would be extremely useful for fully functioning in-game arcades. For console games, someone could model the game systems and assign them the emulator script

I know it all sound crazy, and i know jack about lua, but I like to think I have a sufficient knowledge of LUA’s limitations by now

That would be so ridiculously server intensive.
…but there isn’t any obvious reason why not, an emu is just a program that interprets .rom files.

Possible? Probably. Fast, practical or worth doing? Doubtful.

On bandwidth cost:

My thought was that the existing emulator netcode could be used to connect players. (primarily a keyframe synchronization system) with player inputs being sent both ways. For 2 players, I dont imagine the overhead would be any more than 2 player gmod server + 2 player kaillera server.

Perhaps the synch data could be sent only to the steam IDs of seated players? Observers could either see a black screen for zero overhead, or recieve very latent key command packets, to at least see the game being played.

You’ve already said its possible though, which is good. Nothing I can do about complicated, which I already knew it would be. Thanks for the prompt responses.


Emulators are an extremely hard task to perform, and then you want to do it in Lua inside of Garry’s Mod? Hooo lawdy.

Emulating 20+ year old hardware in a virtual machine is possible, but is far too much of a hassle. This has been done in Javascript, Java, and to a degree Perl. You are better off just cloning the games in question.

Thanks for the responses. It seems like a pipe dream at best so this thread can die peacefully pulls plug
You gotta admit though, ‘Pwns retro arcade’ (rp server) would have been awesome =D

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