Lua Engine Error (Out of memory) Strange issue....


I recently re-installed my OS, because of issues with my sound and now that that’s working I decided to download GMod and play some DarkRP, but I can’t get in some DarkRP servers, I have been able to get in most, but the ones I like I get the lua engine error even though I have 4gb ram and I am not using really any of it in Task Manager.

I have tried verifying game cache, (that completed successfully,) I have tried putting in -heapsize 4194304, I have tried un-installing Gmod and re-installing, I have tried removing addons, shutting my PC down, and even restarting Steam. Nothing works, please help I have windows 7 32-bit OS.


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Fast responses would be great, because I just got ranked up on a DarkRP server to become Trial-Moderator and I would love to play.