Lua error entity spawn npc.

Hello , I am a npc spawn that an entity can do it but me spells a mistake as soon as I press the button to spawn the entity.

My code : (spawn ent)

local function SpawnENT(ply, ent)  
	local SB = ents.Create(conf.nent)  

concommand.Add("buycoolingcell", SpawnENT)

Button npc :

local but4 = vgui.Create( "DButton", frame )
	but4:SetSize( 400, 25 )
	but4:SetPos(300, 300)
	but4:SetFont( "DouilleButton" )
    but4.DoClick = function ( btn )

error :

Help me pleas thank’s you

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Help me pleas…

Where is the conf table referred to in the first code?

	Titre = "ExOn - Bank NPC",
	modelNPC = "models/mossman.mdl",
	model = "models/Items/battery.mdl",
	nent = "boost_cooling",
	entposition = Vector(273.491364, 175.037552, -12223.968750),
	entangles = Vector(14.494501, -7.247239, 0.000000),


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it is Angles and not ntangles = Vector(14.494501, -7.247239, 0.000000),

It work !

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but I would do that if there is no banker on the server so players can spawn the entity or it may not.

Can you help me pleas x)

I don’t understand your last question. You want players to be able to spawn the NPC? Or not be able to spawn it?

i would know how to : if there’s a bank worker in the server then we can not open npc , thanks you.

god with this language of yours its really hard to understand all.

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Also, your custom entities are setup wrong, use the wiki before asking useless questions:

>DarkRP Wiki towards custom entities<

okay, sorry