Lua error! "Not enough memory"

I have this problem when i play Gmod all happy and then all of a sudden, me Gmod stops and says “not enough memory”. It’s really annoying and only happens on CERTAIN maps… please find a solution.

How much RAM have you actually got?


I am his big brother, He has a Dell Optiplex GX620, His specs are as follows:

3GB Ram
Intel Pentium D (I think it’s 3.6GHz)
he also has a graphics card:

3GB of RAM should be fine for Garry’s Mod, might need to shut down background applications

Probably does, his PC seems to be ok, I did a CHKDSK and it found some errors in his HDD.

Also probably need to remove any addons/workshop subscriptions, that should reduce the memory load a lot

Anyone got any other suggestions? he got it again.

His video has 256MB memory (Graphics card) if that is a issue?

Lua isn’t stored in video memory. What OS is he on? Vista or XP might have trouble with memory management

Increase ‘Page File’ to at least 4gb.

How do you increase the page file? Does it use RAM? he has 3gb ram and he is on XP.

I use Windows XP for my games.

EDIT: A bit random how it’s funny xD

That’s your problem I’m afraid, also Windows XP isn’t supported anymore which means a virus could get onto your machine and cause these memory issues as well. Install Windows 7 or 8

Oh OK then.

I have upgraded his PC to Windows 7 using my USB drive as his CD drive failed on it, It’s a common thing with Dell’s. His PC is a Dell optiplex GX620.

I have upgraded it anyhow and am now in the progress of steam and downloading his games.

  • His Brother (JordanDoughty)

I think the cause was a cetain tool this whole time (and maybe XP aswell). I think it was a addon in the workshop called “Half-Life 2 Tools” be Rubat. So i’m not going to use that addon anymore until he fixes it.


It still crashes sometimes on it and i’ve got a new Gaming PC aswell. My brother when he used never crashed with it and now it does with me.

You obviously have a bad addon if it crashes only on your steam account.
dat bump doe

Try removing all addons.

Wow, bringing your own post back up, I’m surprised you never resolved the issue!

Show us your DXDiag. Additionally, try using different video settings, these may work:

Next, add this to your launch options ( fixes some crashes on client ): +mat_bumpmap 0 +mat_picmip 2

And to your server: +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

If you can provide a list of your addons using lua_run_cl PrintTable( engine.GetAddons( ) ); on your client while connected to your SRCDS with sv_cheats 1

Some addons require a lot of memory, some leak, some precache too much data… I can offer a potential solution ( one of my debugging tools )… Add me on Steam and I’ll send it over.