Lua error, spam help?


I am getting spam in my comsole about an error, i have had simular ones but i cant seem to remember or find other threds, i know ill probably need to delete/update/replace a file but im abit stuck this is what it says :

entities race1\cl_init.lua:90: attempt to index local ‘attachment’ (a nil value)

i am also getting alot of differemnt errors almost exactly the same but tio do with the tool gun, things like advanced duplictor etc they work but i get spammed… i used SVN Gmod SVN updater, i dowbnloaded the zip nd extracted the svn folder to my desktop and ran it to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons… really hard! none of the sweaps work… and i am anood to svn…

any help would be very much appresated!

thank you

Delete “trace1” from lua/entities.

Sounds like a large amount of bad file placement to me. Anything that’s having problems, delete, redownload, and put back into the garrysmod folder and subfolders carefully. Remember, If a pack doesn’t have an “info” file, it won’t work in addons and some lua files occasionally have problems if they are pulling from a file in addons (for example, a flying sent who’s model comes from a model pack which you have in addons but the lua files in the lua folder)