Lua Error: There was an error creating the font!

I get this error sometimes on the server console, but I don’t know what I have to do to solve it. I saw it in prophunt and cinema server, so I don’t think it’s a gamemode issue.

This player just joined the server fine, I saw him coming in fast. It just happens sometimes, I hope it’s player-side but I wanted to be sure.

I hope someone knows what is causing this error.

Please if someone knows how to solve it, or if this can cause lag or anything bad to the server please post a comment.

Probably some shit outdated cheat using the old font creation method, if it only happens to a couple of people, you shouldn’t put anything in it.

It is a generic error when surface.CreateFont fails to create the font. ( Does the font file exist? )

So theres no way to solve it? I’m ok with that while it doesn’t affect performance.

It doesn’t affect the performance afaik, what it does is it makes people with that error not have a fancy font you wanted to create, instead they will have something i don’t even know what. ( Probably fall back to default ).

To fix it first of all find out which addon does it, then figure out whether the font is being sent to clients.