Lua Error Toggle

A simple toggle system in the options menu that ships with Garry’s Mod, it is simple a check box that when checked, blocks all lua errors from showing in your console and top right corner of you’re screen.

I must agree with one, I’m sure there’s a console command for it, but adding it to an excisting menu would be really useful.

indeed this would be great as it is VERY annoying, atleast when its in the corner while building

Garry added them to force coders to fix them.

I’d like a hook for it. You could then create a custom error panel for it.

If you have an addon that is spewing out Lua errors then you should get rid of it, it’s rubbish.

And if any of you desperately wish to keep your shoddy addons then the sample code in that thread will hide your Lua errors.

Ooh, hook LuaError?
Shame it requires a binary module.


Well, so far no binary modules work. They all end in an instant close.

Mind adding one Garry?

I like this Idea, A Lot.