Lua error, Unknown Command

Hi, im making my first lua code, it’s very simple, but i get an error:

AddCSLuaFile( "test.lua" ) //Include for clients

	Msg( "------Save say is working fine!------
" ) //Is save say loaded?
	concommand.Add("say_saved",SS_Say) //The command to do the SS_Say function tasks
	local SS_Sav = CreateConVar("save_say", "Hello", FCVAR_NOTIFY) //Command to save what to say in the say_saved command

function SS_Say ( player, command, args ) // The SS_Say function
	if player:IsPlayer() and SERVER then //It's a player and the server?
		MsgAll( "Important message from server:"..SS_Sav.."
" ) //Message
		else //If he is a client a not the server
		Msg( "Sorry, you can't post this message type
" )// Clients can't use this command

everything is fine, the save_say command works, the message Save say is working fine! appears but when i put say_saved in the console its supossed to run the function SS_Say, but only appears this message: Unknown Command: say_saved
please help!

Are you running single player, or multiplayer?

currently im testing it in singleplayer

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anyone can help me?

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i tried changing from singleplayer to multiplayer, but doesn’t work

function defined after it’s called?