Lua error when ncps dies

The lua error happens when i kill the npc but certain items dosent drop thers a few items that drop but not all.
And am not the best lua coder and i am asking for help.
I will provide more code if its missing just ask.

[ERROR] gamemodes/underdone/gamemode/core/sharedfiles/sh_paperdoll.lua:275: attempt to call method 'EnableMatrix' (a nil value)
  1. BuildModel - gamemodes/underdone/gamemode/core/sharedfiles/sh_paperdoll.lua:275
   2. CreateWorldItem - gamemodes/underdone/gamemode/core/sharedfiles/sh_util.lua:119
    3. unknown - gamemodes/underdone/gamemode/core/serverfiles/sv_ai.lua:92

If you want to fix something fine, but please try fixing something that’s on your level, Underdone might be a bit too complex and I’m not sure it’s beneficial for you to be constantly posting your errors.

This error happens because entNewPart is nil or NULL. Check if it’s valid.

This is not a paid addon? Why aren’t you asking to it creator

its not the paid 1 this is the old old underdone the first 1 made by the original creature.
I have ben tryna fix it for some time.

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I did the totaly wrong ting fixing real fast

Then fix it by yourself or pay somebody to do it for you. You’ve made 7 threads in the past 3 days begging people to fix shit for you.

Can u please leave your toxicity out of this. And i havent beged also those threads was mostly unrelated to underdone those whear other tings i was testing out and this is a help thread and peps can chose to help or just ignore it.

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Tys i fixe it.