Lua Error ???

I am waiting now on it is the fixed one week, I’ve already asked in English my steam it and follow it was still not met, I have uninstalled it and re made it, did not come.
I need help, I’ve been a week until Gmod
It does everything except files download lua

Please Help me !!!

I can’t understand a word you’re saying.

do not use google translate!


I think I got what he meant. No LUA files are downloading? Client doesn’t download the files, LUA files?


My translation of his:

I’ve been waiting 1 week till it’s fixed, I’ve already asked steam support in English it and nobody read it, I have uninstalled Gmod and reinstalled it, didn’t work.
I need help, I have Gmod for only 2 weeks
It does everything except downloading lua files

EXACTLY what i though XD.
tell you what though, you can have some good fun with translators. i found this website that puts whatever you type in, through extrensive translating and retranslating, through like 10 different languages… its quite horrific…

anyway… heres my (horrific) interpretation of what hes saying…



It loads no Lua files down more
Hopefully you can read hers^^


Client doesn’t download the files, LUA files? Yes

yea, but, what happens?
does it crash?

and who is her?

when it is finished loading the,
is in the console: Game Mode not found
I’m in the game, but without lua scripts O.o
I see my life and I can move around, no more

no weapons?

no weapons, no menu…