lua error?

I was playing on a deathrun server that has profit with wich u can buy stuff. I tried to buy something but i got this error:

[fretta_new\gamemode\vgui\vgui_vote.lua:151] attempt to call method ‘IsAdmin’ (a nil value)

i also get this error wen voting for next map:

fretta_new\gamemode\vgui\vgui_vote.lua:151] attempt to call method ‘IsAdmin’ (a nil value)

and when someone connects:

[ :124] attempt to call method ‘IsSuperAdmin’ (a nil value)

i could realy use some help.

*this server also uses wiremod (if that can help)

Sounds like a server problem to me. You should ask others if they get the problem too.

I asked them and none of them has it :(. I also tried to find and delete the server files but i couldn find this specific lua D:

I’d then ask the server admins what files contain the server’s scripts. You would want to delete them.

If they can’t/won’t tell you, you might be able to find it anyways by looking around the lua folder.

Before 5 minutes the server reset/shut down/crash and the error was fixed :). Thanks anyway though! :smiley: