Lua errors help

I made a gamemode, which is similar to HL2RP (its not a clone so dont argue on this thread it is)

it just say when i launch it on the server

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘CreateMove’ Failed: kuroScript\gamemode\frame\cl_autorun.lua:399: attempt to call method ‘IsRagdolled’ (a nil value)

so what does this mean and how do i fix it?

Show us your code, it means you are trying to call IsRagodlled on something, but IsRagdolled dosent exist

wait i made loads of code? which one would it be in? the autorun.lua ?

i dont wanna give the code to everyone as they will steal it.


can you add me on steam im yett71

You made a gamemode named ‘kuroScript’?


please i dont really wanna discuss the ins and outs lol xD

if you know how to fix it just say.

OP got the old luacorp leak tryed to run it gamemode errored now he expects help with his stolen gamemode

You don’t need to post every single line of code - and even then it’s pretty unlikely someone’s going to try and pass it off as their own. Besides, I’m pretty sure Kuroscript is some existing gamemode so you’ve obviously not made the whole thing yourself.

From the error you can see the error was on line 399 in the gamemode/frame/cl_autorun.lua script. Can we see your GM:CreateMove from this file?

I’m taking a stab in the dark here, but player:IsRagdolled sounds like a function from RagMod, or whatever that mod is that lets you turn into a ragdoll without dying. Does this gamemode require that addon?

hey i think that this is the right place to ask this… i am playing on a perp server last night there was a problem with it. the menu’s show but there is nothing in them the npc’s are not working right you get payed but the cash doesnt get delivered to you…
it is a database bug any fixes???

I like how he’s trying to pass off kuroScript as his own…