Lua errors how to hide them? HELP!

Lua errors how to hide them? is there a way to hide them?
cl_drawhud dosnt work with this
this waste the next machinima i’m making
how the hell to remove this f****** shi* of lua errors notice?

Clean Gmod, you have a bad addon.

You’re allowed to swear on this website, your mom isn’t a mod.

dummy! i’m on steam offline mode
i want a better way

You can completely reset Gmod by deleting your /garrysmod/garrysmod folder. When you go back into the game, the folder gets remade, therefore cleaning it.

He was trying to help. No need to be rude, how should he know?

Way to say thanks to somebody trying to help you, prick.

And just delete all the files in your gmod folder and then run it.

What does the error says?

Oh shit i’m so sorry for being so stupid not knowing exactly what your problem was when you didn’t tell me


Offline mode doesn’t change shit, clean gmod like I said

Or, create a new garrysmod folder (after renaming your current one) and install the only addons you need for the machinima in the new one, if you still have lua errors, then the only thing you can do is to try to make it without that addon. Remember that you can always switch back the garrysmod folders :3

I agree , it was good advise and if it won’t work just say so. I mean we give you free help right? I also agree with him but if your offline it dosn’t change anything just reinstall gmod. what else can you do?