Lua Errors with tools

Sometime in the November 23 Garry’s Mod update some of my tools have not been functioning right!
Errors include:
includes/extensions/math.lua:66: attempt to compare nil with number
entities\base_gmodentity\shared.lua:43: attempt to call method ‘SetVar’ (a nil value)

tools with problems:
sound emitter

I use these tools when I make saves in Garry’s Mod but with these errors its becoming impossible to work on them.
I would love to get back into save making so if anyone knows how to fix this please help!
I have already tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod, using different files and they all don’t work.

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The only saves people like to download are the ones that help get achievements. Sorry.

well, I only like making saves a a past time. I get bored easily, I don’t bother putting them up for download XD. I just want these errors to be fixed so I don’t get bored playing.

Did you try checking for new versions of those tools on

The error is caused by the tools using methods like:

someent:GetTable( ):SomeFunc( some_args )

To fix them, you just replace that with

someent:SomeFunc( some_args )

Should cover most cases.