Lua errors

Screw it, no more replies.

Wrong forum.

I wait for the longest time for a reply for help and I get that. Alright, i’ll do that next time, but right now, can somebody PLEASE help me? Just one actual reply would be nice.

Also, I don’t see how it would be in that forum instead of this. It’s asking for help with a currently used code. It’s not help making something new

Those are default files; don’t mess with them. Reinstall TTT.

What changes have you made to the gamemode so far that could’ve broken it?

This is the reason:

Lol I actually just noticed that literally 15seconds before this reply. Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Also, I haven’t changed anything except for add addons

And what addons did you add?

Oh god, so many… Look @ Coderhire and take around 40 and you got your answer.

Detective Camera
Poison Dart
Phone Bomb
TTT Loadout
Traitor Sentry
TTT Spectator Deathmatch
TTT Weapon Pack (includes an mp7)
Turtle Grenade
TTT Chickens
Wyozi Events
Wyozi Black hole
+more that are unrelated

Have you tried, I don’t know, taking some out and seeing if one of them cause an issue?

With the issue not occurring that often and having the slightest idea on which addon that would cause this error, It’s not worth my time. I’d rather keep the issue at hand before starting to solve it that way.

Then good luck figuring it out.

I noticed the sarcasm is both your replies. Why reply to somebody in need of help if you’re just going to be a jerk and not actual care to help the person?

It’s because I’ve given you the solution of trying to removing some of your addons, but you simply ignore it. If it’s not “worth your time,” then why should I help?

Considering that I have no idea what is causing the error in the first place, (Notice the reason I posted this thread) taking out a single addon every time to see if the problem is fixed would literally take forever. When I said “not with my time” I said it because it’s not worth even doing if the solution cannot be fixed that way considering all the addons that I have on my server.

Or you could be sensible and take out half of the addons, and if the error persists, then you know it has to be part of those half. It’s easy to eliminate addons until you find the correct one.

I take out half, the problem is fixed, yeah. The problem is I’d have to scavenge through maybe 20-25 addons still. Which is half.

Well now you’ve learned a lesson; don’t add stuff unless you know they’re fully compatible with everything else you have.

Put half of those back in now so you can eliminate it down to 10.