Lua Files

How would I go about taking lua files off of a server that is not mine? I’ve looked in lua_temp but those are all 0kb files. I need a few commands off this rp server.

Files that are sent to the client are sent in garrysmod\garrysmod\cache\dua and are saved as .dua files. If you are talking about files saved on the servers computer then you cannot access them at all.

I am looking for all the commands in regular perp. (Perp1)

Are you saying you would like to download the servers files? Or are you saying you wish to delete files off the server?

I would either like to view the files(or download them) or get somebody who knows all the commands in perp.

As a general rule files that contain clientside code are sent to the client, therefore you already have them. Files that contain serverside code only are/should never be sent to the client and there is no way you can access them. Also why would you need that? PERP probably has a list of console commands available to it’s users somewhere.