lua for changeing phiscal propertys

is the a lua code to stop props in place in the middle of the air

i know you can change it to do this in the Q menu

but i want to make it so it works in lua

edit: “physics timescale” thats what i want to change with lua

is it possable

Hmm you may be able too use something like

or you could use

But I dont think it will be easy


i tryed

game.ConsoleCommand( “phys_timescale” “0.0” )

and it broke the weapon

whatelse is there

Do this before you do anything else.

that didnt help

at lest you could have posted a link to the right article

(not to sound mean or anything)

also i still cant get it to work

Facepalm, here

value = 0.5
game.ConsoleCommand(“phys_timescale “…value…”/n”)

still not working…

Wait, what do you want it for, because if you just want it to make it so when you let go of a prop with the physgun it freezes theres different ways to do that.


phys:EnableMotion(false) Thats how its done for freezing like with the physgun…but for this one you would need to identify the prop

game.ConsoleCommand( "phys_timescale .5
" )

Had your slash the wrong way there.

You guys have something against RunConsoleCommand?

RunConsoleCommand is for client

Actually, it’s shared. If on the server, it acts as game.ConCommand().

still not working…

garry must have disabled it or something =/

And you have sv_cheats 1 ?

your sopost to do that?

and no one tell me why Dx