Lua for sale

Just sort of a “thought”
Is it actually possible to, say, hire a lua coder?
Because I don’t know jack about lua and have tons of ideas buzzing in my head.
Just a thought, not really considering on doing it.
Maybe in the future… Hm.

Yes it is possible to hire a Lua freelancer.

It would probably cost you about 25$ per hour.

Yes, it’s completely possible. You need to contact the person, and then pay him when the work is done (or before, but however, I wouldn’t do this unless I’d trust the person).

$25 per hour? It depends how much they can do in an hour…

And how do you know they work for the full hour?

He’s just kidding.

Kidding bout what? I’m quite serious.

About the 25 dollars for an hour. I wouldn’t pay more than five dollars (or ten, if it’s a complicated script) for a finished script.

for $25 an hour they better get a lot done and whip up something impressive…

If you’re not willing to pay larger amounts, go learn it yourself. People don’t enjoy working for pennies.

Anyway, so is anyone here actually an expert lua coder, actually somewhat willing to do this?

Well, darn. I came into this thread expecting that someone was selling John lua as a slave.

And no, there aren’t actually any Lua coders on this forum. It’s an illusion.

(I’d be happy to help you if you wanted, assuming you’d pay reasonably)

Well then I sit here until one comes in, haha xD lol.

Oh I thought you said no lua coders were in here?
Anyway you can add me on steam if you want.

I have A Single Lua for sale plz pm if interested I repeat One Luas for sale.

I’m a freelancer if you’re still looking :wink:

i will make you a special program for a limited price of $13.37.
heres a preview
print(“Hello World!”)
Again, $1,337!