Lua for the Remover Tool

Anyone know where the lua is for the remover too is?
I really want to mess with a buddy of mine so he can’t use the remover tool and it sends him a message and plays a noise when he tries.

Thanks :3

You could use this hook: and check if the tool is the remover tool.

I still want him to be able to remove his own props though. He’s an admin and I just want to make it so he can’t remove other people’s

You probably don’t wanna learn any lua, just want to mess with a friend. You won’t get as lucky next time but here, take it and go away.

hook.Add("CanTool", "lol", function( ply, tr, tool )
	 if ( tool == "remover" and IsValid( tr.Entity ) and LocalPlayer():SteamID() == "" ) then
		 surface.PlaySound( "sound.wav" )
                 chat.AddText( "You scrub m8" )

Just put it in a client file, and in the quotation marks where it is checking the steam id put his steam id.
and set the sound in surface.PlaySound()
make sure the client has the sound, if not, you could try this function

If you have any problems and can’t get this to work, I suggest you leave this thread/section.