[LUA Gamemode Scripting] About player colors and unified viewmodels support.

Hello there, I’ve coding a gamemode from scratch with just having as a base “sandbox” and I cannot see my hands (even having a default playermodel) and my physics gun is blue. I heard in a video of Maxof2D that gamemodes maybe needed support for the feature, but I haven’t got much help from the wiki, and I don’t know how the physics gun color system works. Any help?
Thanks if you awnser.

The code for that is here

You have to pass a vector to cl_weaponcolor

Actually the code for it is here:

You need to create a player class like the sandbox one or do Player:SetPlayerColor and Player:SetWeaponColor somewhere manually, probably in the GM:PlayerSpawn

As for the hands, visit spawn function of this player class: