Lua hacks?

Is there a Lua that i can type “God” or whatever it wants.
Can u let me know if u have the links for:

Speed hack

God mode. Or HP changer


anything other than aimbot and wallhacks


1st off, wrong section
2nd off, Those variables are all stored serverside
3rd off, yes there is a lua that you can type “God”…you can type god without lua
and Finally if there was I’m sure people wouldn’t willingly give it to you since ya know, some of the people here host servers.

Don’t ask for hacks here…

Regardless of your intentions, good or bad (and probably bad since most asses out there ask for these kinds of scripts), I don’t want any part in helping another potential faggot in potentially ruining someone elses server, since you probably were going to seeing as how you’re asking for those kinds of scripts…

  1. It was for fun on sruff on my friends server

  2. I own my own server and i understand. My friend told me to look for these

Nice cover.

Since every server were killing does matter has script enforcer anyway

The things you can do are

  • Aimbot
  • Speedhack
  • Wallhack
  • Stuf like ESP

Dont abuse it ! (rate me optimistic)

Thanks. And BTW

Server name - Aceds serious roleplay [PHXSVN|WIRESVN|PCMOD2|CUSTOMJOBS|+EXTRAS]

IP -

Speedhack is possible. I use one.