LUA Hacks?

Well I was on my Secondary Server today and someone kept guessing my keypad password right, dumbfounded. I decided to ask because It was the only thing I could do, maybe someone else could do this. He said that it was a Lua Hack and that I needed to protect my server more, how the heck do I do this? I have LOADS of protection on it but how do you stop people from seeing other peoples keypad password. No I am not a noob, it was star letters but he kept guessing them.

What he did was ask me to put a keypad down with secure mode and I typed in a random combination of 4 numbers, he guessed them right and no it wasnt 1234 it was 8247 and he got it right :O?

Is there anyway to prevent this.

sv_scriptenforce 1

There are numerous keypad hackers on Proof:

I dont want a keypad cracker :@ Can you please re-read?


sv_scriptenforce 1 I just put that in the Config right?

Put sv_scriptenforcer 1 in your server.cfg file.

Done, I have also downloaded the LUA Clientside hack so I will go test it on my own server. Hopefully this has sorted out a heck of alot more problems too.


Btw is it Scriptenforcer or Scriptenforce?

My god, I was saying that’s what they’re using!

“sv_scriptenforcer 1”
It has an R. Also, he probably used this, or something like it.

Script Enforcer also blocks lua aimbots, wallhacks, etc. Unless they’re smart enough to bypass it. Which I doubt, if they’re playing on darkrp servers only using lua for keypads.

Just so you know, it’s also possible to get someone’s keypad code by using E2.

So, if I were you, I’d use something other than a keypad if you want it to be secure.

It’s cooler when keypads are hackable :slight_smile: Makes it more realistic. If you want it to be 100% secure, use a regular button hooked up to an E2 that makes the door only open when an allowed player pushes the button (for example - possible to solve this in a thousand different ways).

Edit: Although I never got to try my E2 keypad hacker for real when I finally found a DarkRP server that allowed E2 back when I had created the hacker :frowning: No one would ever use keypads.