LUA Help - Distance your POV from yourself as a small Prop?

Hey all!

I’ve been struggling with this for a long while now.
I have been searching in many of my lua files for my Garry’s Mod Prophunters server, but I can’t find the right LUA code that helps set back the camera distance ( your POV in-game ) when you are a small prop. It just suddenly zooms in, and you can only see yourself ( as a prop ) by looking down at the floor.
Does anyone know where to find it? ( File-wise and lua code-wise ) And what I should set it to?

Thank you C:



Ah, thank you! Do I need to place this into the Init.lua file…? ( It is a web-hosted server, btw )

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AH, I’ve figured it out but… How do I set it to only work with the Prop Team, and not Hunters?

Just use an if statement and check the player’s team?