LUA Help/Knowledge

Sortve a rip off from the darkrp help thread,

Maybe post some knowledge you think will help the noobs/advanced lua coders?, or post help if you need help and maybe people will help

Just like my other thread, asking how to make it so it when it shoots someone it ignites them, I’m sure a lot of basic lua coders(like myself) would love to know how you do that.

To answer your question: use bullets callback function.
About your thread “idea” - 2 similar threads were closed in the past already.

Be prepared to go through a bunch of wikipages and find most of them are either uselessly brief or out of date, but you’ll still pick up a lot along the way

Start off by editing other people’s scripts in small ways, i.e editing damage and properties

Don’t give up the moment you encounter a script error. If something simply isn’t working and becomes for frustrating than fun, place it aside until you learn more

Understand that learning lua may take a while, although I’ve seen people pick it up and advance rather quickly, and something you should dedicate yourself too