Lua help needed

Hi dudes!

I need some kind of help with Garry’s Mod lua scripting. I have earlier programming experience from basic languages / web developement for over 4-5 years. I know the basics of programming (and a bit more), but I havent got any experience of lua or modding games. I wanna learn to use lua with garry’s mod, but I cant understand some things of it.

My cousin suggested me to ask help at facepunch, because he’s too bored of answering my stupid questions (I guess). I’m from finland, but I can speak english well (with a wordbook).

If someone would help me (via Steam), I’m online like always when I’m at home. Please add me. Nick is ankkafin.

You can ask for other information or criticize me about this message, i’m not gonna be angry :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry if this topic is in wrong category.


Hi guy’s, I’m still here and I need much help with my new lua project… My current helper who I got last time is sleeping likely 24/7 and now I’m asking for someone active lua guru to help me with my codings @ Steam chat. Possible someone?

EDIT: I know how to use lua wiki etc. etc. but still some problems…

Yeah, I know that one, but I need help in Gmod LUA, I already know the Lua syntax I think. I’ve made already some lua projects (HUD, some server script + one ULX module) but this one seems to be little harder and I would like to get some guide with it (There will be hundreds of questions)

You’d be better off just posting your questions here, as more people can contribue, where others cant.