LUA Help please

hello everyone just started a 32 man dark rp server’ and im trying to make it as good as possible’ sadly for me to do this I must understand lua" pitifuly I don’t have the time or interest to truly learn lua’ So i decided to use mods of gmod. related file’ it has been going well till I needed a small unjustiment to dark rp’ for this I need lua’
Im trying to make it that when you die the amount of money you currently have in your wallet goes away"
anyone know the code to do that’ And where to put it

DArkrp version: DARKRP:SVN

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That acctualy seems like a very stupid “code” to use. That will prob not interest very man players. :fuckoff: :suicide:

Just my opinion bro…

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Also did you start it for yourself or for a clan/ community?

What does this even mean?