Lua Help | Some Questions I Have

Okay so i have a few questions to ask.

Question 1: Solved!
Question 2: UnSolved!

Question 1(DarkRP):

How do i set a player to the owner of a prop without letting them physgun it.

Question 2(Also DarkRP):

For my server, i want to set up a Custom Job System, BUT i don’t want to show these Custom jobs to anyone but the player that buys it. I know how i can restrict it to them only, But how can i make it that other players can’t see it, without hiding my other donator jobs? I want players to be able to see what they can get if they donate.

Just use ent:Setowning_ent(ply)

It’s all here:


But one more quick question.

How could i get the player that put the two ents together ?

Why do you need this exactly?

To send certain variables i need for another ent ?

Such as what? Usually entities are all in one file(?)

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Also, in case you can’t be bothered answering, you could try using Network stuff like integers and bools or the net library

Why do you have to ask so many useless questions ? why can’t you just answer it or don’t comment.

Two entities aren’t in the same file.

I’m trying to see if there are any alternatives/better ways to what you’re doing. Just wondering why you want to make two entities work together since there are lots of different ways to do that… sorry if the questions seem useless.

Probably just use NWVars if it doesn’t really matter.

If this isn’t allowed, mod please delete. But can i get any help with the second question?

Probably best not to snip your question after it’s been answered so it can help others

Oh Okay.

This really bugs me… If people are trying to help you, just answer their questions. Being sassy and withholding information to ones who are using their time to help you is not smart AT ALL.