Lua Help!

So I was wondering if there might be such a way to make it so when your jailed using ULX can it automatically pop up the motd.

So if I were imprisoned for 300 seconds via !jail (name) 300, it would automatically pull up the motd and make it so your not able to close it.

Is this possible, please tell me how to do this if so.


Go into the jail command file, and where you see the user is jailed, just add the function that pulls up the MotD.

Yes, but you can close out the MoTD which I don’t want.

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And where is the jail command file??

Should not be editing addons like that. He can easily use the ULib.HOOK_COMMAND_CALLED hook.

I’m used to editing addons myself, so I just naturally went that route. If you know what you’re doing, it’s fine.

Didn’t realize they had a hook for it, since I also don’t use ULX/ULib often, so that’s the better option then for the OP.

I still dont know what to do