Lua help

So I have followed all of pil and and I understand it all but where do I go next?

Yes I have been reading all that but I dont know what to make

What you make is up to you.

Ye but what is best to make for you first script

I mean, the thing about Lua is you shouldn’t do it just because you feel like you have to make this or you have to make that. The thing that got me into Lua was because there was something I wanted to make better. At the time, I had a fiery hate of the ASSMod menu for the mod, so I decided to create a better one. I didn’t practice creating a hundred different scripts beforehand, but I spent a lot of time learning Lua syntax, Gmod file structure, and Derma.

So, the point is find something you want to do and script it. If you need ideas, check the Requests Section.

What you make depends on what you want to get done. My first script was about 10 lines long and made it where you could type a concommand and it would strip all your weapons and give you back certain ones. I just automated something I was doing all the time, I didn’t think of something to practice on, you just think of what you want to automate, pretty much.

My first script had a whitelist of weapons, and when i had that weapon out and pressed e+rightclick it started auto-shooting so i didn’t have to keep clicking.

My first script was changing the models of the SBEP MAC gun, then copying the entity to make a new one. It was just changing the filepath and a few vectors but it gives you somewhere to start.
Then I made a larger minelayer which laid 4 mines at once.
If you want an idea for something to do, make a script so that you need to have been on the server a minute before it’ll let you use tools. That would get you introduced to the hooks system and wiki browsing.