Lua help

Hey, I play Garrysmod and Roblox a lot. I noticed that they both use Lua to run scripts and codes.
I learned some Roblox.Lua Scripts, but I was wondering If they could somehow be related?
Could Roblox.Lua Help me better under stand Garrysmod.Lua?
If they can, than tell me how so I can make stuffs. :smiley:

Yes, all lua uses the same general syntax, although there are a ton of functions and hooks in GMod, along with some other utility changes. If you understand Lua, it won’t be difficult.

Is a good place to get started.

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Garry has added a few things to the syntax of Garrysmod Lua that are not present in normal Lua, you can find these changes here.

Bear in mind though there’s nothing wrong with using the standard syntax.

Yea, I never use them.

Thanks, guys. ;D