Lua-HLSS - Play music through voice chat in-game!

This is a simple Lua script and module to set your voice_input.wav file, allowing you to basically recreate what HLSS does.



(Module source at


The folder structure is already layed out in the download link, so all you need to do is extract it into your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.


+voicerecord2 / -voicerecord2 = Start / Stop

HLSS_menu = Menu

Adding songs:

If you have not before, read this - , because this is the format you need for your music.

To add songs to your playlist you can either create a folder called “HLSS” in your Garry’s Mod sound folder and place the files there (recommended), or you can use the interface add feature. It is also possible to remove songs from your playlist through the interface, however only if they have been added via the add button.

How to choose the song you want to use:

This only takes a few clicks. All you have to do is select the song you want to play and then click the “Use selected file” button.


Please post any bugs you may come across in this thread.


3rd June 2009, 19:14 (GMT)

  • Added a path column to prevent the problem of not being able to see file names of long paths

Only downside is the inability to use in scriptenforce servers.

I might be being naive but I’m not sure I want to get anything from

You do realize that it wasn’t Chrisaster who made that exploit, right?

My idea! Anyway nicely done.

Looks a lot easier to set up than regular HLSS. Nice work.

Nice work, Do you still need to convert your songs and all that junk like you need to do with regular HLSS?

This is sweet good thing I have scriptinforcer bypassed so I can troll with this

Pics or it didn’t happen.

dude its just memory editing its not hard

^ True.

Unfortunately yes :frowning:

Can’t wait for someone to make an addon to allow the server stream music through the VoiceCom.

The server can’t use the mic. Use concommands, Sendlua // or datastream and then just use HTTP:OpenUrl on all clients. Done and dusted.

This is a very good module Chris :wink:

For those idiots who click the link and see it as flagged, and go “Oh naaow, lau virrs” , flags all.dlls untill they get checked. It is perfectly safe.

The file was removed anyway. :frowning:

Wow. this this is cool looking… i have tryed normal HLSS and its hell to set up… but this one is so easy to use.

Thanks alot! :smiley:


ok. i DLed it and the menus and stuff work… but when i added the HLSS file to garrysmod/garrysmod
and i converted some stuff to .wavs it dosent show up in the menu…

i also get this error:
autorun/client/Lua-HLSS.lua:39: attempt to call field ‘Read’ (a nil value)


AND the “add” and “remove” buttons and the textbox arnt showing…

Can somone help me out?

Sounds like something to do with the DLL not getting installed properly. Check all the directories and whatnot and make sure everything is in it’s proper place.


im going to try and Re-Install it… it seems i have put two copy’s in and that screwed it up. ill update this thread if it works or not.


Ok i reinstalled and it did nothing. the ad and remove buttons still arnt showing…

You may have an addon that is overwriting some functions/libraries (file.Read). You could try

I just reinstalled Gmod 3 days ago and all thats on it are: TNB pack, Wire (latest) and PHX3.

and i don’t think any of those would conflict with Lua-HLSS