Lua Hologram?

I have written many E2 chips that utilize holograms but can not seem to figure out how to apply this within lua for a scripted entity. Does anyone know of any documentation on this? I don’t just want to fake this by spawning a prop and setting its alpha and such.

holograms are props

Are there commands to create/manipulate them as a holgoram? Or do I need to spawn a prop, set the alpha, material, and such myself? I’ve seen 2d holograms in Darkrp on money printers and such, but I am guessing these use a draw system. What I want is to create a 3d holgoram of a player model.

Why don’t you want to use a player model? That’s probably how you will have to do this.

You’d need to change the RenderMode to something along the lines of: RENDERMODE_NORMAL…
You can also use ClientsideModel, and Draw( ) it in the specific place if you don’t want to spawn a server entity for each hologram.

But, because you’re using scripted entities… override the ENT:Draw( ) function, ensure the RenderMode is set ( which can be done on Init ), apply any effects to the model, force draw, and reset ( if you spawned any effects that need to be cleaned up ).

Thank you all for your replies. So, I will have to spawn a prop first to manipulate? Say, I want a simple sphere, I can’t just call the hqsphere as in E2? I believe there is a sphere prop with a golfball texture that I may have to use and resize.