Lua | How i can make Thirdperson in Lua?

What the code for the camara option’s?

You want to just switch to thirdperson view VIA LUA or completely recreate the third person view?

I want switch to thirdperson with lua.

This should be in the request section.

Also, if you have multiple questions, dont make multiple threads, just make one thread where you ask all of them.



I was forced to quote this in-case you work out how dumb your post is and try and snip it, First of all you have hardly any control over that command, view distance from player etc. Second of all that command requires sv_cheats to be 1 and on a side note its very likely that the thirdperson command its made engine side with the same place the CalcView hooks to.

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I thought you were dumb but I had no idea it was this bad

thanks we fix it.

What the heck is wrong with you… Why do you think I asked before if he just wants to switch to thirdperson or recalculate it.

You got some issues man…

Their is never a valid reason to use the command thirdperson when you have access to the CalcView hook so your point is invalid and if we look at the title How i can make Thirdperson in Lua?

I don’t get it… Are you trolling or something? And CALCVIEW just that the camera would follow the player like with the “thirdperson” concommand is a horrible way. It fucks up any addon that uses CalcView.

Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber you managed to top your other post please don’t try and help people when you clearly have not got any idea what you are talking about.

Which is why you put the appropriate checks in place to ensure that it won’t fuck up “any” addon.
Third person is marked as a cheat in source, so unless you want people running around on a cheat enabled server, you stick to using CalcView().

I see, didn’t know that it has to have sc_cheats enabled.

To king Flawless: could have just told me instead of starting a flame war.