Lua : How to make an anti crash with props ?

Hello , I’m asking for you because some guys tried to crash my 60 slots server and the FPS dropped to 2.00 , I have ENFORCER so I can !lag but I want to literally remove the collision between two props if they are in collision and ghost them because it’s annoying when peoples troll and try to crash the server…

Thank you if u help me !


We are not going to write the script for you but that should get you on the right path.
If you are still unsure how to use it go read about hooks here or whatch the video below

One thing that can help a lot is to not let players create intense collisions purely by spamming large objects all spawning at one location. You can disable collisions (“ghost” them) until overlapping spawned objects are no longer inside of each other.

Normally I would want people to write their own scripts and point them in the right direction like 0V3RR1D3 did, but just wanting to keep your server from being trolled is innocent enough.

try this out!