LUA HUD Questions

is it possible to put a image inside a hud? i wanna put this (logo for my server) at the bottom left hand side of the screen

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**[Draw.TexturedQuad](** or **[Surface.DrawTexturedRect](**

A circle?

Hey, they are both for rectangles, how would you do this for a circle I think he wants


Lol, great timing :smiley:

Give the texture transparency, so all you see is a circle?
Or, since there’s no function to draw “circles” of textures, make your own, like Overv did. Good luck.

how would i go along doing tht?

To give the texture transparency, just delete the background in photoshop, save as .PNG, and convert it to .VTF. Make sure it’s UnlitGeneric.

It isn’t that easy. You need to make an alpha channel. Transparency in photoshop != transparency in the VTF unfortunately.

Are you sure?
It’s worked for me as long as I’ve been making textures.

If you use the right settings when making your VTF it will work. Transparency almost always goes right through as long as you use a TGA or PNG format. If not, you’re 2 clicks away from changing the alpha channel.