Lua Idea

This is not so much a request but a suggestion that someone could make a mod that uses the many source clock models to make a clock that has hands that move according to real time or “rp time” which would be a constant time determined by some website that could plug into later “night & day mods”
the “rp time” would be an hour per fifteen minutes. If someone wishes to create this or has a suggestion please, post.

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That sounds like it would be a bitch to make haah, i mean that is very possible, except, where are we gonna find a website that the clock will call back on? I mean I’m sure there is some website our there… IDK this does sound pretty cool though.

You could just use the servers time for “real time” with **[](**.

Something like this?


When the second hand jumps back a second the server is re-syncing the time.

Thats pretty cool :3

Thanks, it only took about 10 minutes to make.

May I ask if you have released it? Or are you going to do it?

Sorry for the later reply, I went to bed.

I will release it.

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I have a version that makes a ticking sound, do you want me to upload it?



Thanks :slight_smile:

I spelt Minutes wrong line 51 of cl_init.lua, you should probably fix that in your copy.